Saturday, 30 April 2016

A bit of mixed media..

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in today. I am just home from our workshop,,.early today as it was local so not much driving and the lovely ladies helped with all the fact I was a very lucky girl and had lots of wonderful presents today...thank you all....

Today we got a bit ' down and dirty ' and had some mixed media play time,,.

I wanted to try and recreate the look of Chinese lacquered furniture ...have you seen it? I just love it...

Not everyone's cup of tea though....

We started with a simple wooden box from Creativ, added some Grunge Paste, through a Clarity Stencil, some embellishments....

And then the black gesso....followed by some Inka gold , and some gilding wax...

Just look at what the ladies made..

I just love how they are all so different

Fabulous work...

And no two the same

Even the inside of the box was decorated.

Well it does just finish it off,

Now there are many different ways of doing this and some crafters like to paint the embellishments with gesso before adding them,,,,it is what ever way you choose...also mica powders are another way of adding the metallic is up to you,,.

Thanks for your company...I am off now to walk the is dry at the moment...

We have had some rather horrible hail showers today..

Enjoy your evening all and remember Hochanda on Sunday and Monday with our Barbara...

Much love and hugs.

Jo. xxx




  1. This may just be the answer to my disaster of a canvas I ruined this afternoon! Stick stuff over it and cover it in black gesso! Cant look any worse, off to find which drawer I tidied my black gesso into. XX

    1. That sounds like a plan, just hang on in there,,,it looks worse with the black gesso but then when you add the gilding wax etc it looks brill. Would love to see t when you have finished it...have a lovely

  2. Wow!! Absolutely brilliant. Love mixed media projects like this. Hint... Clarity Glasgow!!
    I have been doing some notebooks with clarity stencils and mixed media and had lots of fun creating lots of different looks.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Fiona, I will get my thinking cap on....
      Have a lovely

  3. these look amazing Jo - lots of fun to make and beautiful to keep!! Awesome! Hugs rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel, hope you are having a lovely weekend...hugs to you and your

  4. they look so opulent and decadent. great work. your ladies should be proud. have a great weekend, hugs xx

    1. Thanks Theresa, and yes...I am so proud of all the ladies wonderful work...
      Hope you and your lovely family are having a great weekend...hugs..xx

  5. These are lovely, Jo. Well done all of you!