Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday catch up.

Good afternoon friends and followers , I do hope your Sunday is going well. I am having a catch up day after a very busy week.

Yesterday it was our Manchester Craft workshop and it was such a lovely day....and as always we did laugh and giggle so much.

All the ladies managed to finish all our projects and Susan even did some extra projects.....

( well done Susan, especially as you had been so poorly in the week )

We used this wonderful Easel and paintbrush stamps from Clarity...

Now as usual I was talking too much and forgot to take photos until the end of the day...but I did catch a few of the ladies cards before they packed them away..

Look at these gorgeous pieces of art,,,,

We also had a chat about the use of thing that I have noticed is many crafters are nervous about using a journal...especially if they are expensive ones....

So I bought everyone an inexpensive , but nice hard backed note book....

With the idea that we created a couple of pages using the stamps and techniques that we had been using in class...

It is a great way of jotting down hints and tips too....names of stamps, colours of inks etc...

Just play.....

It was great to see, everyone got stuck in and made the most wonderful pages..

It is also a wonderful tool to use if Mr MoJo goes on holiday...

And best of all as it is can do exactly what you want ....try out new techniques, and it so addictive...

I find myself thinking...I will just do another page....

Oh and another...!!!!

Some of the ladies bring them to our regular classes ...and they are great to look back through..a kind of art Diary...

A couple of ladies asked about the designs that we created on Thursday when I visited Grosvenor House Papers in Kendal.... So here they are....

We used the large remountable village stamp set.

Plus the sunshine stencil

I love this stencil....

Just one more photograph to catch up on..

This was sent to me by Sue,,( thanks Sue ) and she took it on Feb 17th when I went to a lovely craft group in Lowton, Cheshire to introduce them to Pyrography ...such a great bunch of ladies...

I think we have caught up now...phew....

Just time to walk the dogs before our Sunday meal...and the sun is still shining ...two walks in one day and no rain...just perfect....

Then Karl and me are going to sit with a nice cup of tea and catch up on some tv. Hope you can have a relaxing evening too...then we can be ready for the new week,,,.

Enjoy your evening

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Beautiful cards and artwork. Well done to all concerned.

    Love Joan xx

  2. Super cards lots of ideas for when mine arrive! Ordered them yesterday so I have a few days to wait. Have a happy Sunday. Xx

  3. Some lovely designs Jo and I do like the journals! Got to get one! Xx

  4. brilliant makes Jo - really lovely! the journals look amazing! Hugs rachel x

  5. Really lovely cards Jo. Just about to eat after a few hours in the craft room. Still searching for my journal though ....
    Have a good evening x

  6. Thank you ladies, great to hear from you....lets see what this week brings for us

  7. Some great art work Jo. great Pyography demo, really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Sue, and so glad that you enjoyed the demo...xx

  8. WOW, Wow and Wow. What extremely beautiful cards from your ladies. You have been a busy bee my dear. Looking forward to seeing you SOON.....are you ready with those hugs....I am!!!!
    Take care. Love Emma xx

    1. Thanks Emma, and yes...hugs are ready and waiting....not long