Friday, 5 February 2016

Groovi Friday

Good morning lovely friends and followers, hope you are well this morning.

Today I have scheduled a post as I am going out for a day with some of my best friends,,,we will be having a crafty day full of laughter and yes we may spend a penny or two...

I have got all my bags packed ready for the workshops on Saturday, I always look forward to going to CJ Cardcrafts in Edgeley, Stockport, Cheshire.

Now today I am sharing something with you that is a bit out of my comfort zone...

You see I love the white work of parchment and I always admire the wonderful work of the very talented Emma check out her blog........

.And that is what I have been doing .

But time to move over to the dark side and try something a bit different,,,,

I used my Distress markers and added colour on the is a closer look.

I do love the way that the boards are all interchangeable and you can mix and match your designs.

This border is one of my favourites..

All the Groovi products can be found on the Clarity

And remember that Barbara is on HOCHANDA tv this Sunday and check out the shows...and see what my boss lady is getting up too...

Must go ...yet another dog walk in the rain...

Take care all and have a lovely weekend

Love and hugs

Jo. Xxx



  1. Very effective Jo. I do like the colours - and I would like that design in a stamp!!!! Xx --- and maybe a stencil!!!

  2. Morning Barbara, the Clarity God Fairy is granting wishes maybe you will be lucky,,,,check out our Clarity Cumbria page....have a lovely weekend....xx

  3. Hope you have a lovely day Jo. I like the look with the distress markers, as you can see the colour more. I'm still practicing the white work, it's not as easy as I thought.
    I too am looking forward to seeing these in stamps!
    I love what you have done here, really lovely.
    Amanda xx

  4. Ooooo lovely design and more inspiration , another different look for parchment art, must get the distress markers out. Hope you didn't get too wet xx

  5. Hello Jo my darling. Lovely card. One of my favourite plates. I like the darkness!! It makes such a nice contrast with the white lines. Hope you have a great time and thank you very much for the 'plug' too kind. Hugs xxx

  6. Very nice groovi work. I use the distress pens to colour in on the back as well as my pencils. Hope your day was full of fun. Have a good weekend. Xx

  7. this looks beautiful Jo - love that you used distress -it looks fab - hope you had a great day and have a lovely workshop tomorrow! Hugs Rachel x

  8. Hi Jo
    Love this and the colours work very well, I love the fact that apart from some real experts whose work feels quite unachievable at the moment, the rest of us are all taking the same journey. Hope you have a good day and enjoy your workshops. X X X x