Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in today, hope your day is going well. I must admit it was another cold , wet and windy dog walk earlier. Oh ...roll on Spring.....the poor daffodils need some sun....

I had a walk to the post office today to get my latest samples in the post as Barbara is on HOCHANDA tv this Sunday...oh you really are going to love these stamps....

I was very sad to read today that Joanna Sheen has lost both her parents , and within a few days of each other...such sad news..her family have been in my thoughts all day..

So today I thought I would share a card with you that is all about, friendship, and love lasting forever.

I started by stamping the word kisses...using black Archival ink.

Then I looked for some Wee Folk that might represent that falling in love age.....boy meets girl .

The first thing to develop is friendship

And then onto romance

And finally the Wee couple on the bench..that's the forever moment.

Just a dash of colour , not too much as the images and words say it all. Plus a lovely little border.


Just needs some of those magic white dots...( those finishing touches)

There...all done...

Sometimes you just don't need a lot to say just what you mean...

I must get on, lots of jobs still to do today...thanks for sharing a few moments with me...

Call back soon

Much love and hugs




  1. Sometimes simple designs say it best. Such sad news about Joanna's parents. Xx

  2. Lovely card Jo. It is important to remember that friendship is important. I was out for lunch today with one of my best friends and it was good to spend time with her and be there for each other. It was nice to must have time to do that. I was a bit cheeky though, as I suggested we went to the Range as I needed a couple of things from the craft dept! We had a lovely lunch and have set the world to right while I got my stuff!

    1. Sounds like a perfect day Fiona, hang on to her as good , loyal friends are hard to

  3. Lovely design. Reckon hubby and I have reached the couple on a bench stage now. Our son is at the romance stage just announced their wedding plans, so excited. So sorry to hear about Joanna, that is so hard for her. xx

    1. Oh Lynne, what a happy time,,,Congratulations to the happy couple...and yes Karl and me are at the bench stage too...hugs..xx

  4. Lovely thoughts in this design Jo, so well illustrated by the Wee Folk! Xx

  5. Lovely thoughts in this design Jo, so well illustrated by the Wee Folk! Xx

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  7. such a lovely card. striking yet simple, hugs xx

  8. Great card love the simplicity x

  9. beauty in simplicity Jo - love it - and here's to the sentiment xx

  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely do make my Mums day as she loves to read them....oh and I do