Thursday, 12 November 2015

Top Class...

Good evening all, how has your day been ? I have just got back from a lovely day in Kendal at the Paper Warehouse ...what a fantastic bunch of ladies....and even better ...lunch is provided....

The shop is great and well worth a visit, also Janet is a very kind lady and a very talented crafter too.

I introduced the crafters to Ken Oliver's Color Burst powders...set 2 ...the new colours....perfect for Autumn...

This is what the backgrounds looked like whilst wet..

Whilst they were drying we made a couple of cards using some Clarity stamps and stencils.

A warm up card using Jo's Bubbles and the woodland stamps.

Next a good old Clarity scene...

Then it was time to have that wonderful lunch that I mentioned....I think I must be a real strict teacher as all the ladies ate their food and were back in their seats crafting in no time at all!!!

Next some mix and matching with stencils...

And finally those backgrounds became landscapes...

Look how fabulous these are...


We did laughter too....and some how talked about Chocolate, champagne and Nuts!!!! Don't ask.....!!!!

It did take me three hours to get home though...the weather was horrible ....

So I am off now for a lovely bath....

Take care all...and thanks ladies are fab...

Live and hugs,

See you soon.

Jo, xxx



  1. What a fun day that looked, great artwork xx

  2. So glad you had a good time Jo. Done great artwork by you and the ladies!

  3. that card is fab Jo. all projects are brill but that is super. glad it was a good day, hugs xx

  4. looks like a wonderful class i missed Jo - amazing work and brilliant ideas! Looking forward to the 28th!!!! Glad you got home safely albeit slowly! Hugs rachel x

  5. So glad you got back safely. It was a lovely day, with great techniques and card ideas. Thank you. Rosemary.

  6. Wow some lovely cards , looks like everyone had fun xx

  7. Lovely cards Jo. Glad you enjoyed your day.
    Do you know I think we are the only class who don't have cake! I think it's time for a small change maybe? I won't try and poison anyone though- I'll buy some! X

    1. Sounds like a plan Chrissie....have a good weeken and see you on

  8. Those background landscapes are stunning! Very arty, the powders are certainly on my wish list. Driving through horrible weather is never enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed your bath. Xx

  9. You're doing a grand job Jo, please send our best to Janet when you are next there ...
    Au Revoir, xx

    1. Oh bless you thanks, I will, and enjoy the rest of your time in France...xx