Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nail Polish Backgrounds.

Good evening all, again...two posts in one day....yah...

Last week I was asked by numerous crafters if I would do a blog post about the Nail Polish technique...this is such a great way of making a background....also it is a great way to use up old Nail Varnish,,.So here we go...

This was made from cleaning up my container...

So...all you need is a plastic container...I use an A5 plastic box ...which I keep specifically for this effect.

I use tap water, also watercolour card...

A little tip if the lid is difficult to get off your nail polish wrap an elastic band makes it easier to undo...

Back to our container , with a couple of inches of water drop some Nail Polish in...I find the first few drops create a film over the water...

Add more nail Polish....drop by drop..

Lay your watercolour card on top and gently press.....then lift out...

This is what you get....put it on one side to dry.

It is advisable to have your room well can keep adding colour..

And taking more prints...( it is good to leave some white space )

And adding more colour.

This time gently make swirling motions with a cocktail stick..

And take a print.

Hey Presto.

When you have finished you can clean the container with Nail Varnish remover ....but I just rinse it under the tap....but before emptying it...I take another print..

Leave to one side to dry. Look what we have made...

Remember you can use different colours.....and they look good in a frame too...

Also as a background for stamped butterflies..

Or dragonflies...

Of even as a canvas...!!!

This really is a great , fun technique.....if you have a go let me know how you get on...

I hope this is useful ....thanks for looking in today....

As always I love to read your comments...

Much love,

Jo. xxxx


  1. Thanks Jo something else to try exciting never thought about using nail varnish xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing Jo. I will give this a try.

  3. Wow, that's amazing Jo, I use white nail polish to add high lights to areas, but I never thought of this. Thank you for sharing Jo x

  4. Like this idea lovely work xx

  5. What a fun technique and now I have a use for all those nail polishes I have!!! X

  6. Must try this, my partner will be complaining, he moans about the smell when I do my nails!

  7. Wow, thank you for sharing this, going to definitely try this xxx

  8. Nice, marbling almost but with nail polish, I have lots of old polishes. A new technique without having to spend out. Thanks Jo.Wxx

  9. Excellent use for using up those nail varnishes. Got some special effects nails inc might have a try with them. Hope you are keeping well xx

  10. Thanks for this Jo - another great technique! X

  11. thank you so much for blogging this Jo. i might just have to buy some nail varnish now! hugs xx

  12. Hi Jo, have been reading, and all the projects over the past week have been lovely! Now I feel almost myself again I will have to try this.................let's hope my sister doesn't notice her Polish dissapearing! Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, glad you are feeling

  13. going to be trying this one Jo!!! Fab makes xx

  14. Well that's different Jo and looks like it's well worth a try x

  15. Thanks for sharing this technique Jo. You've had some fabulous results. I've got loads of old nail varnish so I think it has to be done! Have a great week xxx

  16. Thanks ladies, I really love to read your comments and appreciate you taking the time to leave them...have fun with this technique and looking forward to seeing how you get

  17. Brilliant Jo. Same principal as marbling. they say....crafters don't waste a thing.....who would have thought to include old nail polish.

  18. What a great way to use up those old bottles. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jo, and thanks for your lovely comments on my box. xxx Maggie

  19. Going to give this a go for a 60th birthday card

  20. What a great technique Jo - I have loads of nail varnishes that I can use....I need to find my watercolour paper.................. :-) xxx

  21. Hi Jo, Just re-reading your blog and I was wondering what gsm the water colour card is please ? The xx

  22. Hi Lisa, I used the watercolour card from Crafters Companion it is 300gsm, .....that is the best and I use that in my workshops.....but at home I have used odd pieces that I had in they were a little thinner but worked o.k. .......I would just try a small piece first and see how it works....have a good