Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saturday already...

Good Morning one and all, I hope your year has started well, although I know that many of you have been suffering with the cold/ flu bug....and wow it is a Biggy and it does linger....fingers crossed that both Karl and me are on the mend now...( hope you are too )

So onwards and upwards....I hope you have got your machines set to record Barbara on C&C tomorrow morning....9-11am...she has got the most amazing new stamps....

Here is a little tease....if you follow Barbs Blog you will see that these Wee Folk are set to appear...

Also the fantastic new Flat Canvas' these are brilliant...I have been playing with them....lots of workshop ideas...

Back to today....I have two projects from the last show to share with you...( just in time!!!)

These use the A Million Thank Yous stamp set....

This one started of as a stencil and Adirondack ink...

Then some stamping and colouring.

And careful counting....


The second one was just a bit of fun......

Because the sentiment was on a magnetic strip.....with all the other sentiments on the back of the card....

That way you can choose why you want to say Thank You..


It started life as a piece of Theura card, Distress inks, and the bubbles stamp...

Then some stamping in Archival ink..and extra black lines added with a micron pen..

It is always good to say Thank you...


So on that note...Thank you for popping in today....and spending a few moments with me....

And an ever bigger Thank you for those of you that take the time to leave a comment....

Off now to walk Tess and Eric....oh he is size and personality....

Enjoy your Saturday...and remember all the products are available on the Clarity Web Site...

And Barb is on C&C tomorrow.....Enjoy....

Much love....

Jo. X
















  1. Really lovely, Jo. I need to give the water technique a go. Xx

  2. Lovely samples Jo. I need to try the water technique too xx.

  3. lovely selection. Tease. the thank you cards are great as i can see them properly. sure the others will be too once revealed, hugs xx

  4. Lovely cards Jo the wee folk are already on my list for Janice bon Monday. Have a good day

  5. Lovely cards, Jo particularly the sunshine one - clever idea!

  6. Wonderful cards Jo, the bubbles in the strip look fantastic. Clever girl. Looking forward to seeing the show and all you lovely samples. xxx

  7. Thanks ladies.....
    I am so excited of our followers who entered the Clarity Challenge Blog for the first time..... Has been chosen for one of the Top Five.....
    Congratulations....Donna Brooks......I knew you could do it.....yah.......xxxxxx

    1. OMG how exciting! Big smile on my face now. Such great entries in the challenge lots of ideas to try out!

    2. Thanks Jo, didn't have the confidence to enter until you told me to give it a go! Xx

    3. I am so proud and really pleased for you...x

  8. As always lovely. I like the bubbles. Have a lovely walk.

  9. Lovely samples as always, so looking forward to the show tomorrow. We've had the dreaded lurgy in our house too, almost ok ready for work on monday lol. Big loves to Tess and Eric xx

  10. fabulous cards Jo. You are a tease! But I like You!
    record set but will be watching too. Now I just need a reminder for the American shows. xxx

  11. Gorgeous samples Jo, and did I spot the famous bubbles stamp making an appearance xx

  12. Oh you are a tease Jo. These are lovely cards. Hope you enjoyed your walk - it's very wet down here! x

  13. Great cards, brought the sunshine stencil but haven't used it yet, I like the different way you have used it with word stamps. I am so looking forward to seeing the new stamps on C&C tomorrow. May have to put my order in early so I don't miss them. Xx

  14. Lovely samples, have added these stamps to the wish list as they'll be so useful. TV's set for tomorrows show.