Friday, 9 January 2015

B is for Bleach.

Good afternoon all and thank you for looking in today..

Well how has your week been. ? The first week of January always seems a long week...especially after the Christmas break...

I must admit I have been trying to catch up on you know I do love lists....and I love ticking jobs off the list...

I really need to keep ahead of the game at the moment as I have got a date for the injection in my hand....those of you who are regular reader will remember that last year one of my knuckles on my right hand suddenly became very swollen and painful....unfortunately it is getting worse....I am right handed so there is no way that I can rest it. ....even worse I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours after the injection or use my hand for 48 hrs....!!!!!!

I have a lovely looking glove to wear in bed ( poor Heather was subjected to this in Glasgow....) not sure if it helps but I am at the stage where I will try anything...

Not good for a crafter.....

Speaking of resting....and coffee breaks.....I you fancy a magazine to read with your coffee....Edition 76 of Creative Cardmaking has just hit the shelves.....and I have written a piece on using Bleach in your crafting...

Here is one of the cards...


If you like the look of it....the materials list and instructions are in the magazine.....

So go and grab a copy now....

I hope you have a good weekend....remember that Barbara is over at CHA launching Clarity in the USA....

She has a live link up on Saturday at tune into C&C....

Take care and pop back soon....

Much love

Jo. xxxx



  1. This looks beautiful, always a little unsure when I have seen bleech mentioned in the past (I just know I would knock it over!!!) I think I may have to read your article and see he to do it. XX

    1. Sorry, had Phoebe barking at the cat so hit publish before I said that I hope your hand gets better after your injection. I can imagine it must be hard to craft with a painful hand. You will have to do some more using your feet, or train Eric as a crafty hand dog! XX

  2. Oh poor you Jo, it sounds awful.
    In October last year my middle finger of my left hand started sticking down, it is horrible and sometimes really hurts. Doctor said it's trigger finger and surgery is required. I hate to have stuff like that done, but like you there's a time when you have to go through with it. Hope all goes well for you.
    Angie is coming up this month to see you at the class, unfortunately my Son is hoping to move into his flat at anytime so I need to be on hand for when he does so won't see you this time. Have a good one. Debbiex

  3. Lovely card Jo a really nice effect - sorry to hear about your hand - hope the injection does the trick xx

  4. Beautiful card Jo and lovely butterflies too! Sorry to hear that your hand is still sore xx You will have to snuggle up with Tess & Eric and rest it for a bit, Lisa xx

  5. Such a pretty card, sorry to hear about your hand, hope the injection does the trick x

  6. Sorry to hear that you're hand is so sore again and I hope that you manage to get ahead before your injection. I hope it's not too painful! Your cards are beautiful and I will have to get a copy of the magazine to find out how you got such a lovely result.
    Take care and gentle hugs, Jeanette xx