Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Workshop with foam....

Good evening all, and welcome to another new follower....oh it is so exciting ....I really love crafting with you all and getting to know you.

Today it was workshop day in Hazel Grove and we had a play with the shaving foam technique and some gorgeous Clarity Stamps,

If you haven't tried this technique it is so quick and easy but gives a great result. Simply spay some shaving foam onto a plastic tray, spritz some Dylusions sprays or Mica sprays onto it, give it a bit of a pattern with a wooden stick....then take a print. Wipe off excess foam with a ruler and hey presto a stunning pattern appears....and it dries really quickly.

We stamped using black Archival ink, look at the shine...

Plus, it smells great too.

Next we did some classic Clarity work with the cloud mask, some torn paper and Adirondack ink pads.

Colour was added with Alcohol markers and the design was finished off with sand,,,yes lovely white decorative sand.

Here is a close up.

Oh to be sat on that Deckchair now....

As usual we had a bit of a giggle, some chocolate biscuits and lots of coffee, the only down side was that our Vicerage was unwell and had to stay at home.......and we had bought her some flowers as she retired last week. ( thanks to Wendy they were delivered)

That's enough from me tonight, time to go and catch up on some TV and cuddles with Tess....I feel a bit tired tonight...and I have another busy weekend ahead...

Enjoy your evening and call back soon.

Hugs, Jo. X



  1. Great cards a real summery feel x

  2. Great workshop as always Jo :) Loved making these
    Glad to Margaret received her flowers safe and sound


  3. Love them both. Hadn't heard of the first technique so will have to give it a try. Love your blog, please keep sharing with us

    1. Thanks Steph, I hope you do try the shaving foam technique it really is so easy and gives stunning results and no two are ever the same...let me know how you get on....Jo. X

  4. These are lovely Jo, I haven't used the shaving foam technique for ages must have another go, mmmmmmmmmm now where did I put that shaving foam! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    Linda xxx

  5. Love the shaving foam result, knew it could be used but did not know how. Now I wonder am I brave enough to let the grandchildren try this in Easter hols. Maybe if weather good and we can be outside. They would love it and me can see some backgrounds being made. Thanks Lynne xx

  6. I think I would like to park my chair next to you on that beach, just lie back and listen to the sea. Next week, plants or not, I intend to do some crafting with some of my new stash, and this might be a nice technique to play with. Glad you like my garden. I am so encouraged with the number of bees and butterflies already, and I have only just started. Have a good week, Jo. xx Maggie