Sunday, 21 July 2013

Another week flies by.....

Hi all, I really don't know where last week it me ...or do the weeks seem to be racing by!!!!!
Karl had a week off work and as usual we had a lot to do, but decided that we both really needed a night away (as you know with Mikeys health issues we can't really have a proper holiday) we packed the van and with Tess we headed off to a really lovely little campsite in the Peak District...
Crowden is run by the Camping and Caravanning club and is a perfect place to find peace and quiet....
We went on lots of walks....around the nearby lake...

And nature reserve...

And sat with a glass of wine in the evening sun....Tess sits in the van ...pretending to be a guard dog!!!!

We had a lovely couple of days and off course the weather really helped...
Yesterday, I went to a workshop with Maria Simms and Annette Lee...I had a brilliant time...(not quite finished my no photos yet...sorry).
I am off now to get my thinking cap on for our Wednesday workshop gang ....what shall we do this week?.....mmmmm
Thanks for looking in today.....and remember ...we all need friends....
Hugs....Jo.  X 


  1. Glad you had a well deserved break Jo, it looks like a lovely place xx

  2. Oh Jo this looks like a piece of heaven!
    So pleased you had a mini break, it's just what's needed sometimes to re-charge the batteries and take stock isn't it?
    Look forward to seeing your next creations Jo, they're always so inspiring.
    Take care, massive crafty HUG xXx

  3. Tummy Rubs to Tess as she was on guard duty So pleased you were able to take a break xx